2016 Boniface Brotherhood Conference Audio

“A Christian Witness in Exile”

Please feel free to download and share the audio files from this conference below, free of charge. For those who would like to support our efforts to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community and want to contribute to aid us in those efforts, prayerfully consider giving to our building fund.

To download files, right-click on the Session name links, and select the option to save the file to your computer.

Session 1: “Imagio Dei of Fracta Reflexionem” — by Jeff Shafer, Esq.


Session 2: “Leaven or Diaspora” — by Rev. Chuck Hickey


Session 3: “Is There a Christian Ghetto in Our Future” — by Ken Patrick


Session 4: “Questions and Answers” — by Panel of Speakers

Trinity Presbyterian Church Statements

Statement of Opposition to Women Serving in the Military – Download: PDF / Microsoft Word